Bob Iger makes big changes at Disney

Bob Iger has left an indelible mark on Disney, for better or for worse. Over his 14-year tenure, he significantly altered the animation giant’s approach to business, expanding its presence in new markets around the world and buying up iconic entertainment brands like Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox. He has faced his share of criticism, with some accusing the Disney giant of becoming overly commercialized, but the undeniable successes of Iger’s reign will leave lasting impressions on the entertainment industry. This article takes a closer look at the big changes Iger has made to Disney over the years, and assesses the impact of these alterations on the company and its stakeholders.

1. Bob Iger Brings Bold Upheaval to Disney

A Radical Change in Culture & Leadership at Disney

In 2005, Bob Iger took the reins at Disney. He brought an ambition that changed the landscape of one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies. He sought to modernize the company’s style of doing business to ensure its continuing success in the 21st century. His most notable changes included:

  • Acquiring Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox and other mega-studios.
  • Redefining the theme-park experience with interactive attractions, cinematic simulations and experimental food.
  • Launching new streaming services, doubling down on production and embracing IP licensing.

It wasn’t just the acquisitions and focus on its theme parks that shaped Iger’s Disney experience. He pushed boundaries with the reshaping of leadership throughout the company. His team was more diverse and had more experience making bold decisions. By bringing in leaders that understood the nuances of technology, entertainment and the global media blitz, Disney was able to move in a modern direction.

2. Creative Transformation for Disney Under Iger’s Leadership

When Bob Iger joined Disney in 2000, the creative transformation that followed was remarkable. Under his leadership, Disney invested heavily in digital media, expanding its presence in a variety of mediums. Here are just a few of the innovative projects Disney embarked on:

  • Established a digital unit focused on creating compelling and impactful storytelling across digital platforms, from interactive media to market-based promotions.
  • Formed strategic partnerships with content providers such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Lucasfilm.
  • Launched Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service, Disney+.
  • Created an immersive virtual reality experience with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.

Thanks to Iger’s strategic vision, Disney was able to use technology to its advantage and greatly amplify its presence in entertainment. What’s more, Iger’s leadership helped make the company more inclusive while upholding high standards of creativity and innovation. Disney under Iger found ways to revolutionize consumer technology and experience, resulting in a successful reinvention.

3. Iger’s Revitalizing Impact on Disney’s Reputation

When Bob Iger, the current Chief Executive Officer of Disney, was appointed in 2005, people were uncertain about the fate of the company, but it soon became clear that Bob Iger’s leadership over the past decade has been great for Disney’s reputation. His entrepreneurial approach to reinvigorating Disney has helped restore the company’s iconic reputation.

Iger’s impact on Disney is both tangibly and intangibly felt and can be observed in how he:

  • Optimized the theme park experience. He expanded Disney parks across the world, began new cruise lines, and created new immersive technology to make visits to Disney parks especially captivating.
  • Expanded Disney’s streaming services. Under Bob Iger, Disney purchased significant media companies and rebranded them as Disney+. This was done to break into the streaming industry, creating an important new revenue stream.
  • Reinvigorated Disney’s brands. Bob Iger’s acquired other companies’ franchises that ultimately add to the Disney story, such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox. This allowed Disney to cultivate and further life-long franchises.

Disney’s revitalization under Bob Iger contributes to its enduring legacy, and it will be Iger’s legacy as Chief Executive Officer that will shape the future of Disney for years to come.

4. Significance of Iger’s Accomplishments at Disney

1. Taking Disney to the Next Level

Bob Iger took Disney to new heights as its CEO with an unprecedented level of success. He continued to build on Walt Disney’s legacy and further elevated Disney to become a global entertainment powerhouse. Under his leadership, Disney acquired beloved brands such as Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and Pixar – impacting the world with award-winning movies, games and merchandise.

2. The Legacy Continues On

The legacy of Bob Iger’s leadership will continue to shape Disney for years to come. His strategic acquisitions have resulted in the globalization of the Disney brand, the emergence of a strong digital distribution platform, and a focus on innovative, meaningful storytelling. This has resulted in a thriving collaborative culture within the company, as well as an expansion of the Disney brand into virtually every sector of the entertainment industry, which has been embraced by audiences around the world. Bob Iger has galvanized Disney, leading the House of Mouse into a new era of creativity and innovation. As he takes the reins of the largest media conglomerate in the world, his commitment to producing the highest quality content and experiences is sure to shape Disney and its legacy for years to come.

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