How China Inc is tackling the TikTok problem

Thanks to the viral app TikTok, the world has seen a new wave of music, dance, and fashion-forward creativity, spilling into the lives of millions of people around the globe. But the popular app, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has come under hot water due to security concerns and questions of censorship and control. Now, China Inc has been called in to try and tackle the difficult problem. How exactly are they doing it and what could be the outcome? Let’s take a deeper look into how China Inc is attempting to solve the TikTok problem.

1. China Inc’s Ploy to Secure TikTok

China Inc’s latest maneuver to secure their beloved TikTok should come as no surprise. The social media app, developed by Beijing-based ByteDance, has been the source of great speculation among users in the US. The Trump administration has raised questions about the security of the platform and proposed measures to potentially ban the app in the US.

In response, China Inc has worked to ensure that rights to the app stay in their control. Here are some of the strategies they have employed:

  • Investment: China has poured billions of dollars into the US-based version of TikTok, preventing any potential sale of the app to a US corporation.
  • Partnerships: The company and its parent ByteDance have initiated talks with potential tech giants and potential buyers such as Microsoft and Oracle.
  • PR Strategies: China Inc has launched a full-fledged PR campaign aimed at convincing the global public that TikTok is safe to use.

It remains to be seen what the end result of China Inc’s efforts will be. There is no doubt that the fight for the popular social media app is not over yet.

2. Identifying the Problem and Applying a Solution

In any professional setting, identifying the source of a problem and implementing an effective solution is a key objective. In the world of project management, proactively tackling problems can mean the difference between success and failure. Analyzing the situation and understanding the root cause of the issue is key to developing a well-crafted solution.

Once the problem has been identified, coming up with a detailed plan to address it is the next step. This can mean anything from creating a system of processes that reduce miscommunication, to adding resources to streamline workflow. Regardless of the problem, taking a proactive approach and applying an organized strategy is the best path to success. Here are a few tips to get the job done:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions and focus on identifying the real issue.
  • Approach the issue objectively and set your emotions aside.
  • Develop a plan of action with achievable, measurable goals.
  • Plan for resources you may need, both financial and personnel.

At the end of the day, putting in the extra effort to thoroughly understand the problem and its core causes can be the difference between effective problem solving and a missed opportunity. With the right resources and mindset, efficiently tackling issues can be the start of a rewarding process.

3. Riding the Wave of Change and Adapting to New Challenges

Adaptive Learning is Key
In an ever changing world, it is critical to be able to adapt quickly to new challenges and make the most of emerging opportunities. Those who embrace change and possess the ability to think flexibly and creatively will find themselves in a much better position to gain an advantage over their competition. Adaptive learning strategies, such as experimenting and embracing failure, are great tools to keep in your belt when adapting to new challenges.

Meeting Your Goals
It is essential to have a strong sense of what you want to achieve in life, and to be brave enough to explore and embrace different ideas, tools and strategies. Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, experiment with potential solutions and identify potential risks. Remain open-minded and do your best to learn from any failure and take your learnings forward with innovation and tenacity. By riding the wave of change and applying adaptive thinking, you can make progress on any challenge that life throws your way.

4. Bridging Cultural Divides and Reaping the Benefits of Innovation

From Hollywood blockbusters to world dominating technology giants, innovation has bridged cultural divides and put the world’s attention on those who disrupt the status quo. New business models, new media platforms, and new social networks are impacting the lives of people on every corner of the globe, across all cultural and educational backgrounds.

New technology has enabled us to access each other’s ideas faster than ever, allowing us to share perspectives, thoughts, and opinions like never before. When done responsibly, this type of exchange can open dialogues between people from different backgrounds.

  • Leading to surprising collaborations – from Silicon Valley liberals joining forces with the classical art elite, to the Middle Eastern fashionistas becoming cornerstones for high-end luxury brands.
  • Building greater cultural understanding – seeing how people on the other side of the world live, what they eat and how they dress, and how they interact in their community.
  • Inspiring those previously unheard – connecting the world-wide grassroots movements and giving voice to the marginalized citizens that do not have access to traditional media.

All of these advances in digital technology have made it easier to access information, break down cultural divides, and share values and ideas across the world. However, it is also important to recognize that we must pay greater attention to ensure that the benefits of this new connected world are shared equally. As the stakes become ever more uncertain, it seems that only time will tell how China Inc will effectively deal the dilemma posed by TikTok. What is certain is that, with a billion users, the TikTok problem is an enormous challenge that will require carefully managed solutions, if China Inc hopes to regain control of the app and its users.

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