Hollywood’s blockbuster strike may become a flop

Hollywood’s blockbuster strike may become a flop

In 2008, Hollywood was hit with the biggest strike yet. The 300-day writers’ strike caused chaos in the entertainment industry, and many feared that the production of films and shows would take a dramatic hit. Now, with the arrival of the 2020 pandemic, an even bigger strike may be in the works – but could it be a flop in the end? Read on to find out.

1. Hollywood on Strike: Will this Impact the Industry?

Hollywood is facing a major upheaval with Writers and Actors Guilds declaring a strike over wages and contractual rights. Thousands of unionized workers have walked off the job across the entertainment industry, a first for Los Angeles in more than 10 years.

The long-anticipated disagreement centers on wages and intellectual property rights surrounding content created for streaming platforms. The guilds maintain that their members should receive much higher pay for their work and a greater cut of the profits. This could be a game-changer if it gains traction and stirs up discontent among other unions.

The impact of a strike could be far-reaching, affecting everyone in the entertainment industry from actors to producers to lighting technicians. But just how bad could it be?

  • Film productions could cease: Without writers and actors, many television shows and films could be brought to a standstill. Budgets would be stalled and actors would be forced to take on alternative work.
  • An expensive decision: Studios could face costly furloughs and layoffs of non-guild members. This could mean a potential loss of jobs for many months which could be damaging to Hollywood’s economy.
  • Blown budgets: Film crews could be stranded with the cost associated with having to move and store equipment and accommodation increasing.

We can only wait to see the full effect of the strike and if hope remains for a quick resolution. It’s likely that the entertainment industry will experience a period of uncertainty and disruption before normality resumes.

2. What Would a Blockbuster Strike Mean for Hollywood?

If the members of the Writers Guild of America vote to go on strike come May 2nd, it could mean a major impact for Hollywood, and could lead to a “blockbuster” summer of canceled productions.

The biggest risk for Hollywood in a potential strike is the delay of production for major summer films. With such a short period of time before the potential strike, many major productions will not have enough time to fully complete preparations. This could lead to planned releases being moved later in the year and event cancellations. In addition, unfinished scripts could delay post-production and cause even more delays.

The other major risk for Hollywood in the potential strike is that there will be fewer opportunities for writers to make money. With many productions potentially being delayed or canceled, writers will have less work and potential sources of income. This could have a major effect on the functioning of the current system, as fewer productions could mean fewer opportunities for writers. It could also mean a decrease in the amount of money available in the industry.

3. Will Fans Be Left Disappointed by Hollywood’s Blockbuster Strike?

Summer 2020 may just be the summer of little-to-no blockbusters. With Hollywood’s labor strike in full swing, movie-goers are left in a state of confusion. Will they be left disappointed by the lack of action-packed summer hits?

The strike comes off the heels of the great COVID-19 pandemic, which has already caused havoc in the box office of 2020, making the threat of a complete drought in blockbuster films all the more concerning. However, all hope may not be lost. Studios are already trying out alternative solutions to bring the best of the silver screen while safely respecting the rule of social distancing and keeping everyone involved safe. These include releasing movies for streaming or on-demand services, and even having actors do remote readings of their scripts.

  • Studios are already trying alternative solutions to bring the best of the silver screen while respecting the rule of social distancing.
  • These include releasing movies for streaming or on-demand services, and even having actors do remote readings of their scripts.

However, as exciting as these trends sound, it will be some time before we know the real impact they will have on movie-goers. Despite the efforts of studios, the real test will be consumer reception and whether or not these alternative solutions can hold a candle to the cinematic experience of a typical summer blockbuster.

4. Could a Blockbuster Strike be Hollywood’s Undoing?

As Hollywood continues to struggle with strict safety protocols in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many in the industry are starting to wonder if a blockbuster strike could be its ultimate undoing. Could a strike cause an irreparable blow to Hollywood, one that makes it unable to recover in the same fashion it has before?

A strike could have damaging effects on Hollywood. It could mean:

  • The cancellation of numerous projects, both big-budget and small.
  • A halt to the meaningful insights gleaned from box-office success.
  • The loss of significant income for employees and crew members alike.
  • A decrease in the amount of new releases from both theatres and streaming.

The implications of such a strike need to be considered carefully before Hollywood takes further steps. Would it be worth it? Certain contract decisions need to be negotiated and more strict safety protocols may need to be put in place. But, if the risks seem too great, then it may be best to wait until the virus is under control.

It appears that Hollywood’s blockbuster strike might not live up to its hype this year. Only time will tell if the industry leaders will be able to make a recovery from the disappointment of the situation, and how much the movie-going public will have to sacrifice in terms of their movie viewing experience. Until then, Hollywood’s blockbuster strike remains in limbo, and its future looks uncertain.

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