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Binance launches website for proof-of-reserves system for Bitcoin reserves

The company currently has a 101 per cent reserve ratio. This indicates that it has enough BTCs available to cover every user's balance, reports...

After FTX chaos, Indian crypto exchanges try to calm nervous investors

Cryptocurrency news: On Friday, the crypto market cap was at $826 billion, Bitcoin was trading at $16,451 and Ethereum at $1,180

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX owes top creditors more than $3 billion

The failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX owes more than $3 billion to its largest creditors, the company disclosed in a court filing over the weekend. The...

FTX fallout: Crypto markets on the back foot as investors pull funds

Investors continue to pull funds from digital-asset exchanges despite the latter's efforts to reassure markets about their stability.

With crypto in retreat, central banks take a quantum leap to cryptography

What will thrive even after this year's meltdown, however, is cryptographic money.

Who will lose the most due to FTX’s implosion?

The investors of now-collapsed FTX have little hope left from the ongoing liquidation process as the exchange's entire valuation has now been wiped out....

To catch a crypto-criminal

Greenberg deftly assembles a rogues' gallery of characters who fell prey to this false sense of invulnerability: drug marketers, thick-necked federal agents, globe-trotting libertarians

Crypto exchange FTX’s bankruptcy filing reveals staggering mismanagement

FTX is a company that was valued at $32 billion just a couple of months ago

Crypto exchange doesn’t see viable business in India, says Binance chief

"To be honest, I don't think India is a very crypto-friendly environment," Zhao was quoted as saying

Crypto wrap: Bitcoin prices may fall before bouncing back, say experts

The cryptocurrency market cap remained below $850 billion in the last seven days, and on Friday, the market cap was $835 billion

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