Income from investments in rental housing for lower income groups to be exempted from income tax

Prakash Ramiah1 day ago

Is aff rent means aff hsg for all by 2022. What is aff hsg in 32 states with 80 lac circle rates and fsi at ,5,1,2,3 .and gujarath wants 70 plus floors.frequent change in circle rates. 188 sq ft flat at one crore how much emi or rent will the fellow occupying have to pay. After covid social distance is a factor in housing. If a foreigner gets rental income no tax,why not this extended to 25 years emi for individual owners. So in a nut shell car park at 25 lacs,31000 sq ft bungalow at 100 cr, tiny match box dwelling as aff hsg,no control on rent for aff hsg all are showing no answers to first flatseekers,slum dwellers and 33 plus old flat residents housing issues solved. We need a special aff hsg ministry,minister at center,states and one nation,one housing policy,dual pricing of flats monitered by rbi,rera. Badic fsi of 400 to 1200 sq ft flats at cost basis without land costs with housing loan is the correct answer for aff hsg. Same loan,same emi,same cost for 35 cr households. Think of jawans,probs,petty shop keepers,just married couple,etc
We need sweeping reforms . As per un spl rapporteur report on housing,housing is not commodity,but right. Landed gets fsi,what does landless it not inequality as per art 14 of our constitution. Let us introspect.