View: Rebuilding a sustainable economy post Covid requires a long-term strategy, not just short-term stimulus

Prakash Ramiah1 day ago

One meter bullet train 20 lacs,one meter highway 5 lacs,one sq ft flat at 20000 ,that too 188 sq ft one cr, and 25 lacs for car park ,and one who owns the land owns the sky above his land, all through we have govt manufactured inequality,and powerity. What is fsi ,it is a technical clearance. But when it comes to pricing no intervention. Landed gets fsi,what does land less here only inequality has started and as per oxy fam 54 percent indian wealth with one percent population is the issue. Now 8000 cal food consumption perday per household,300 days employment for 2 , at 1000 perday meaning 40 cr households 6 lacs yearly income,200 meters if stiched cloth per year per household for 4, 400 to 1200 sq ft basic floor space free for first shelter seekers,slum dwellers,333 plus old flat residents at 10 to 30 lacs shelter with 25 year housing loan, is way forward. As hemant said niti ayog,pmay clss aff hsg need revamp.weneed special aff housing minister,ministry,chief shelter commissioner like election commission. Landed gets fsi,what does landless shelter seeker get set 14 talks of inequality. 32 states,80 lac circle rates is basic inequality starting point for hyped valuations. So inequality,powerity,migration is govt created,which it has to change by correcting these 74 year flaws. Reform of reforms should start from basic shelter for 40 cr households.